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‘ Balls and All ‘ are the Distributors of the High Visibility Chromax Golf Ball  throughout Australia on behalf of Chromax Golf.

The Chromax golf ball

Many of us don’t remember the days when tennis balls were white. Tennis is a sport that reveres tradition and many players resisted the introduction of the bright green balls that nearly everyone plays today.

Golf also respects its history. But certain innovations are hard to resist. Woods were once made of wood. But metal woods proved so superior that tradition had to give way.

Coloured golf balls

The new Chromax golf ball is another such innovation. It is a coloured gold ball. The patented reflective finish is so much more visible – on the green and in the air – that only the hard and fast traditionalist will continue to play the white ball. Its remarkable brightness on the green will save search time and sharply reduce the loss of balls. Its visibility in the air allows the golfer to watch the ball in flight and more easily correct his or her swing. The ball is also beautiful: Many end up on display.

This is one of those times when tradition must give way to a superior innovation that will enhance the game of golf: The Chromax Metallic Golf Ball.

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